One of the most well respected B-boys in the US scene today, Toyz Are Us in the past 15 years has built a reputable name as an inspirational dancer of his time. A second generation B-boy of the Lionz of Zion crew, he has carried over the knowledge of the old school techniques of his fellow crew mates while infusing it with a new school twist. Considered a veteran in the game, Toyz has won numerous competitions with his well rounded style. Competitions like the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary 2006, Chelles Battle Pro 2009, Hip-Opsession 2010, International Hip-Hop Addict 2011, Break The Floor 2012, just to name a few. He solidified his international status on the battle grounds against the best of the best. Well respected by his friends and adversaries, he has continuously built a reputation as one of the premier b-boys.

* * *