Review: Belgium & France with Zay zay

Belgium – LCB International

I want to give a big shout out to Nicolas Filco and the rest of the LCB International staff! They were amazing hosts and showed us a great time in Belgium! The event was a lot of fun and we were happy to be a part of it! Congrats to Vero and Kill from Korea for winning the 2v2 b-boy battles! I was thrilled to be in Belgium and it was my first time ever! I pretty much drank several different kinds of beer each day that I was there. From the moment I landed to the last night I was there, I was drinking nothing but Belgian Ale. Triples, Quads, Sours, Blonds, Abbey Ales, you name it, I was drinking it. Isaiah and I taught a great workshop while we were in Belgium as well. I taught a lot of footwork fundamentals and basic footwork concepts. Isaiah taught transition concepts and how to exaggerate little moves to make them more dynamic. Overall, I had an amazing time in Belgium and I can’t wait to go back again!

Our Semi-final versus Issei and WingZero:

France – World Street Dance
In Belgium, Isaiah and I had already met up with Steve and Ben from KunckleHeadz Zoo. Once we got into France, we met up with the rest of the members of Team USA for World Street Dance. There were 9 of us total: Ben, Steve, Ricky, Maynard, BzBroox, JayPee, Pharside, Isaiah and myself. The promoters and our manager failed to inform us about the fact that we had to prepare a showcase performance on stage before the battles! In less than a day, we came up with a show incorporating breaking, locking and popping. Guess what? We were placed 5th out of 8! HAHA! Unprepared, given less than a day to prepare a show, and we come up a with a decent enough show to be placed 5th! That means 3 other crews, having been prepared and rehearsed numerous times before even flying out to France, their shows weren’t as good as ours! HAH! We were pretty excited about that. Team USA did a great job working together and collaborating ideas and routines for the b-boy crew battles, yet again, within 24 hours. We made it to the finals and lost to Team Korea. Had the final battle been longer than 5 stinky minutes, it may have been a very different story. We had 5 big routines left over but we ran out of time. It was a 6v6 crew battle but only 3 b-boys went out from each side. Super whack. Either way though, congratulations to Korea! WSD was one of the biggest stage events I’ve ever been to but I don’t know if I ever want to go back. The town of Dunkerque, France is a pretty dead town. It was so boring while we were out there. Thank goodness Isaiah and I were in good company with the rest of Team USA and all the other b-boys/girls from all the other countries. Good times and memories with good people from all over the world! Hip-Hop is a beautiful thing!

Our Final battle versus Korea:


Belgium and France Flickr Set *Click Here*


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