Lionz Invited To Hip-Opsession

So Domkey, Isaiah and I will be competing in the international 3v3 b-boy battles in Nantes, France on the weekend of February 9th. Back in 2010, Domkey and I teamed up with Marlon and won the Hip-Opession 2010 b-boy battles. It would be sick to win another Hip-Opsession! The prize money is pretty big too so we could all use the extra moolah. We’ve been training hard and hopefully we will bring back home the win. Our flight itinerary is pretty crazy though with 3 layovers to and from France. I’m really NOT looking forward to this flight actually haha. It will be a fun trip overall though and the three of us might even produce a silly music video for you guys using another one of Flint Flossy’s songs on youtube hahaha. Peace and wish us luck! 

For more info on the battles go to:




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