To The Pointz!

For the past few months Kid Glyde and his crew, Dynamic Rockers, have been throwing jams and practices at 5 Pointz in NYC to raise awareness to what’s happening to the Hip-Hop landmark. I decided to help out for the cause and now Kid Glyde and I are throwing a B-Boy battle together at 5 Pointz on September 15. If you don’t know what’s happening you can read an article about 5 Pointz here: 5 Pointz: NYC’s Graffiti Hall Of Fame. Long story short, 5 Pointz is considered the Graffiti Hall Of Fame in NYC, however the site is set for demolition and to be replaced by condos. There is a petition online to turn the site into an official NYC landmark. If this happens the city can’t touch it. You can sign the online petition here: Save 5ptz Petition. So come out to support my event in NYC but more importantly, come out to help save one of Hip-Hop’s landmarks!

Peep the Flyer! Facebook event page will be coming soon… Stay tuned folks!

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