RedBull BC1 Boston Cypher Footage

First off, I would like to congratulate Bebo for the win at Redbull BC One Boston Cypher. He definitely came hard and deserved the win! Shout outs to Ground FX crew, Crazy Freddy, Floor Lords, and the rest of the Boston scene!

I think I could have beaten Bebo if I was on point more. I felt like my rounds were too short and sloppy 😦

Anyways, here’s BNC’s footage of my battles. Enjoy the clips. Please, no trolling or hating…

Top 16 – Toyz vs Excite:

Quarter-Finals – Toyz vs Jet Liem:

Semi-Finals – Toyz vs Baldi:

Finals – Toyz vs Bebo:

1 Comment

  1. dammit toyz, you should have won that. you would be a great fit to bc-one. it looked like you halfed assed it with bebo (no disrespect to him or you). i’ve noticed how your footwork techs have matured and i see that you are adding more flavor to your tops. your power is without question (i got to use a q on the keyboard). in my best Ed Lover voice, “Come on Son”!

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