Review: OutBreak 7


OutBreak 7, a set on Flickr.

This was my first time going out to attend Outbreak in Florida and I’m glad I was able to be a part of this event. I was invited by Mijo literally a week before the event to enter the 2v2 battle with him. A sponsor of his would buy the plane ticket for me so I said ‘why not?!’ I’ve battled alongside Mijo plenty of times before and we both figured we had a really good chance of winning the 2v2 battle. The whole weekend was absolutely bananas!

Day 1…

Mijo and I snapped in the prelims and made a good enough impression to make it into the Top16 bracket. The cyphers were dope and I was able to catch up with some old friends of mine. I chilled with my BackYard Funk fam, Strife TV friends, Troll, Skeme, Candy, and a bunch more. The after party was a lot of fun. Cros1 and Skeme were spinning on the 1’s and 2’s. They were playing party music and some idiot did mills on the dance floor. Hahaha. We were crackin’ up a lot over that. I also stole a bundle of party balloons at the end of the night… That’s as far as I’m going there…

Day 2…

Mijo and I were excited when we heard news that we made it into the Top16 bracket. Our first battle was up against Mind180 crew (Keebz & Incite). It was a close battle. Mijo and I were not quite adjusted to the floor yet so we were kind of slipping and moving a little slow but we managed to beat Keebz and Incite. Then we had this super long intermission where it was just straight cyphers and the Fusik band performing. It felt way too long for me. Thank goodness the music was dope all night long because that’s what kept me awake and cyphering. Eventually the next round of battles started. Mijo and I went up against these two guys from Poland. I felt like we took it but the judges gave it to them. I can see why we lost so no complaints here haha. Mijo and I were dead tired at this point so we stayed a little bit longer to cypher but we left fairly early to eat some food and rest. Winners of the 2v2 Outbreak are Thesis and MN Joe. Congrats to them!

I learned 3 very important lessons from this trip…

1. Be careful with Honey Jack Daniels, that joint creeps up on you because of how smooth it is.

2. I have to work on my execution better.

3. I should start working on sets again for battles.

Overall, the event was awesome. I had so much fun over the weekend, words can not express how happy I was to see everyone and to get down to some dope breaks! Shout outs to Mijo for inviting me, to Mex for putting together a fun event, to El Nino for winning the Best BBoy of the Year award, to Thesis and MN Joe for taking the 2v2, and to MuviOne for winning the B-Girl battle.

Enjoy the photos and


Outbreak 7 at a glance:

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