Event Review: B.O.T.Y. Israel Qualifier

I had an absolutely amazing time while I was in Israel. Shout outs to Dvir for inviting me and providing awesome hospitality. I was judging alongside B-Boy Jackson (Phase T), B-Girl MuviOne (Lunatiks), Moy (Footwork Fanatics/HAVIKORO), and Wicket (Footwork Fanatics). It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the other judges and I learned a lot from them. Throughout the trip, I taught 3 workshops and judged 2 separate events. The rest of the time I was there, I was chillin’ out in Tel Aviv by the beaches or shopping at the giant Dizengoff Center. Every now and then I would meet up with Breakaholics crew to practice with them. The weather was gorgeous, food was amazing, people were cool, me and Moy smoked some fools on the concrete, and the beach was incredible. This trip was priceless haha. I’ll just let the pictures explain everything. Remember to follow my Flickr page also!


For some stupid reason, WordPress won’t allow embedding of Flickr slideshows… so click the link below!

Toyz Flickr set from BOTY Israel

All five judges for BOTY Israel…

USA Judges…

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