LOZ in Denmark: Day 2 + 3 + 4

Day 2:
Boy oh boy… Did we GAY it up!!! hahahahahahha

I entered the footwork battles for fun and I ended up doing really well haha. I mixed in some waaking and vogue moves with my footwork ahhahaha. Everyone loved it. I ended up losing in the semi-finals. I never entered a footwork battle and even though I had a lot of moves left, I ended up just blanking out towards the end. Oh well. I was the crowd favorite! hahaha.

Domkey, Isaiah and I did really well in our battles. The 3v3 battles had some tough competition! In our first battle, we went up against a Russia crew called Mafia13. They had some very clever moves and good power but we ended up edging out in the end. Our second battle we went up against a Danish crew. Can’t completely remember their crew name. Oops. We won that battle for sure. In the semi-finals we battled Jinjo crew. There was only 2 of them, Skim and Fe. Wing was there but he hurt his back so he couldn’t battle. It was a very close battle but Jinjo was cleaner overall. I messed up really bad in my first round. We pretty much lost because of ME. It’s such a sucky feeling. Then my second round I was SOOOO discouraged and I ended up doing nothing but footwork. It was a clean round but definitely was not enough to win against Jinjo. SIGH* Better luck next time. We were the crowd favorites in the crew battles too. I don’t think any of the other crews had as much charisma or character as we did. We definitely made an impression in Denmark, especially Isaiah.

The after-party sucked honestly. Way too packed. So Jinjo, Roxrite, Isaiah, Domkey and I ended up going to a couple of bars around our hotel. The first one we went to had this DOOGIE 40 year old lady trying to dance with Isaiah. It was hilarious. We finished our beer and moved on to get away from this crazy woman. The second bar we went to was more chill and I bought us all a round of StrongBow (really yummy cider beer). We got Isaiah fairly drunk! He was doing a lot of gay dances and was falling in love with Ukrainian B-Boys hahahahaha.

Day 3:
The LOZ Squad woke up early next morning and grabbed some lunch with the Koreans. Jinjo was being very generous and bought us our lunch! WoOt! Shortly after we linked up with Rox-Rite and went around exploring the city. Rox and I got some good pics all around the area. I felt pretty crappy standing next to him with his Canon 7D and his 3 different lenses and professional mic. I had my T2i and my basic starter lens haha. I need to invest in a good wide-angle lens and a nice telephoto lens. We walked all around until it got dark and super cold outside. After our little adventure, we grabbed some pseudo Korean BBQ. We went back to our hotel at the end of the night and packed out bags………..

Day 4:
It is day 4 as I am typing this. We missed our flight… yea…. We’re still in Denmark…. yes.. no…. poop…

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  1. Aw. How did you miss your flight? Perhaps it’s because you like it so much here, that your subconsciousness made you? :p Anyway, it was real dope seeing you, and I had the feeling that the battle between you and Jinjo ought to have been the final one. I knew that you would both win your next round. Ah well. 🙂

    Anyway, the Danes you beat… wasn’t it Rythmatiques/Familia Loca? They were the only other Danish crew, as I recall, in the final rounds, apart from Fox Footwork.

    But yeah, just wanted to drop a wee shout-out and tell you you were dope. 😉 Hope to see you guys again some time – perhaps even on the floor! Cheers! 🙂

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