Review: Ill At Will Anniversary Jam 2011

Big shout out to IAW Crew for inviting me. I had a lot fun with you guys. Good times and memories.

Day 1ne:
I started the trip off horribly. I forgot my wintercoat… yea… I was freezing the whole time. Sucked.
Once I landed in London, Ontario I met up with three of the IAW crew members who picked me up. They took me to their house and we had a big feast that night. One of the b-boys there was an amateur chef and smoked up some amazing pork ribs. We also had some awesome chicken, beef, veggie lasagna, chips, and best of all LOTS of BEER. Bunch of people were at the house that night. Fresh Format crew, IAW crew, RoboTops Crew, some random girls, and some b-boys from Toronto. It was a fun evening. Eventually I got dropped off at my hotel, which was super nice by the way!

Day 2wo:
We woke up early afternoon to grab some nice breakfast. I was introduced to 2 very special people. One was a girl who liked to constantly hummed We No Speak Americano. Another character during the trip was this dude everyone called “Lost.” He truly was “lost” frequently, confused and blanking out during conversations. He was a funny guy. The jam went really well with DJ Lean Rock spinning and the venue was amazing. Canada has some really creative b-boys. Super Naturalz eventually ended up winning the crew battles. My exhibition battle versus Lost Child from Fresh Format crew was okay. Lost Child did really well and had some great footwork. I didn’t really perform as well as I wanted too. Oh well 😦

The after party was a lot of fun. Everyone was having a great time back at the house and once it hit midnight we all went out to this bar to drink some more. We all forced Puzzlez from SNC to take these huge shots of Jack Daniels straight from the head. He got so trashed that night hahahahaha. I drank lots of water…

Day 3hree:
I woke up fairly early for no reason at all. I was exhausted and dehydrated. So I chugged a water bottle and watched crappy hotel television until the promoter came to pick me up and take me to my workshop. I don’t always have the most organized or the most well-structured class but I think it went really well. I’m still learning to become a better teacher. I had about 20 or more students show up. I taught a quick tutorial on threading and connecting it to other footwork moves. I also gave a lesson in just being yourself and developing your own style as a dancer. In the second hour of my workshop, I taught the basics of developing proper form in power-moves. Everyone seemed to be very quiet and bored in my class but at the end they all thanked me and told me they really enjoyed it haha. Yay for me! 🙂

As soon as my workshop was over, I had to rush over to the airport to catch my flight back home. The trip took a while because of delays due to snow. I landed back in MD around 10:00pm and had my friend Bat pick me up. Thank goodness he did otherwise I would have been in freezing weather without a coat and had to have taken a bus, then subway, then bus again all the way back home.

Thanks again to Ill At Will crew (IAW) for inviting me!


(sorry I didn’t use my camera much on this trip so no pics this time)

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