Happy New Year! Welcoming 2011

It’s a brand new year! 2011! woOt! This year I shall train harder to become a better b-boy, research further into breaking and Hip-Hop to become wiser, and prepare lesson plans to become a better teacher. Happy New Year to everyone out there. Let’s start 2011 with a positive, productive mentality. Peace & Love to all the supporters and haters out there. 1ne.

My schedule thus far for 2011:

Italy Jan. 14 -17
France Jan. 21 – 24
Canada Jan. 28 – 31
NYC Feb. 5 – 6
NYC Mar. 11 – 13
Denmark Mar. 18 – 21
Connecticut Mar. 26 – 27
Missouri Apr. 1 – 3
Uganda or Russia (undecided) Apr. 15 – 25
Switzerland May 5 – 9

Aww yea! It’s going off to a great start!


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