Top Notch 2 : Event Review

The event went great! Going to start off this post by thanking everyone who came out to the jam. Congrats to the winners of the event: Lab Rats Crew, ToeKnee & Sonik. Shout outs to DJ Fleg and our special guest DJ Franco De Leon. BIG Thanks to Jason, owner of the venue we rented out. U St. Music Hall is a dope club venue. Awesome sound system and great dance floor. Shout outs to Words, Beats & Life for supporting our local Hip-Hop/B-Boy scene. Shout outs to Toksick and Ghost for coming out and VOLUNTEERING to judge the event. They did an awesome job and it shows they are down to help out the DMV scene.

The night started off a little rough with the DJ’s coming in a bit late. Doors opened around 4:30pm as opposed to the original 4:00pm. People waited in line outside. Kind of made the venue look really special at 4:00pm haha. Once the doors opened, people went in and started dancing right away. Music was amazing from the beginning to end. Money was well spent flying out Franco De Leon. It was great to see so many b-boys signing up for the battles. The DMV scene is on the rise! Everybody came hungry! The battles were great! The finals were Urban Artistry (ShamRock & Phil) versus Lab Rats (ToeKnee & Sonik). It came pretty close. The decision became a tie breaker. In the end, Toeknee and Sonik came out harder and won the event. ONE THOUSAND DOO-LLARRRS. Congrats again to Toeknee and Sonik!

Ultimately, everything comes to an end. We managed to end the event perfectly at around 10:00pm. Phew! People left happy, I was happy, one guy left UN-happy because I smoked him in the cyphers, and our guest DJ Franco left happy.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported the DMV B-Boy scene!



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