Urban disConnection

I was suppose to be in France this past weekend to battle with BBoyWorld Team (Bebo, SamO, DVS, Invertabrae) at an event called Urban Connection. They booked my flight leaving from NYC instead of MD or DC. I ended running into some problems getting up to NYC and I missed my flight. Whomp whomp. I couldn’t get a stand-by position for the next flight either because they wanted me to pay $600 in advance. Robbery! So I ended up doing something completely different but probably more productive the entire weekend.

Now that I had the whole weekend to myself and wasn’t going to France anymore, I decided to just hang out with Kid Glyde all day Friday. I practiced with Dynamic over at the Forest Hills practice spot in Queens. Saw Supreme Beings there, some members of X-feinz, Teen Titans crew, and a bunch of other people. I worked on power combos with Whorah most of the time.

Saturday morning I left NYC to go visit my friends in Philly. I was scooped up from the bus station by Napalm and we went over to his apartment to chill out for a bit before we practiced. I must say it is always productive to train with Beat Wakz. It was just me, Domkey, and Napalm. Napalm has been recovering well from his leg injury and is back into training, footwork and toprock mostly. We trained for about 2 hours and some change and we decided to hit up a bar afterwards. For dinner me and Napalm destroyed this huge plate of sushi. Oh my god it was so damn good. The three of us (Domkey, Napalm and I) met up with Props’ girl and her friend to grab a few drinks over in Manayunk. That town is filled with cute girls (thumbs up*), and trouble-brewing d-bags (thumbs down*) hahaha. After a couple beers, we decided to go back to the girls’ house and we ended up just goofin’ the whole night. At one point me, dom, and napalm took all of our clothes off to surprise one of the girls coming down from the stairs hahaha. It was amazing.

Sunday, I woke up on Napalm’s couch. We got some more sushi for breakfast that day along with two of Napalm’s friends. After that we went back to training again. another good two or three hours of practice! I got some new ideas and was motivated to work on some new power combos. For dinner, we ate at this burger joint called Red Robbin. I had the most amazing burger there. We then went off to watch the second episode of “The Walking Dead.” AWESOME ZOMBIE SHOW. If you’re into that kind of thing, I suggest you watch it. Simply awesome show.

Monday, I’m back home. woopty doo.


P.S. this song is dope:

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