Evolution V: Trip Review

Our trip began in College Park, MD. Isaiah, Domkey, Kevin and I all met up at UMD to practice some routines before we headed out to this crazy event. We drove two and a half hours after practice up to Domkey’s house to settle down for the night and rest. We stayed up a little late watching scary ghost clips and horror films. Woke up the next morning, ate some crappy fake breakfast food at 7-11, then we were on our way to New York! Took 2 hours to drive into Brooklyn, NYC. We got out of the car excited, and started walking down the street to where we THOUGHT the event was being held. Apparently the Friday night portion of the event was being held else where in Brooklyn. We drove to the other address given to me by Morris. Finally got inside the venue and BAM! bboys and bgirls everywhere! I got hyped! And I’m sure Isaiah and Domkey did too.

Day 1 of 3:

We walked around the venue and said whats up to people. Cyphered a little bit and warmed up to get prepared for our 3v3 battles. There were about 70 or 80 crews signed up. The judges were only going to pick top 16. Madness! A few hours go by, literally, and they finally got through all of the battles and picked the top 16. We battled Ground FX for the prelims and it was probably one of the most hype battles of the night. GFX was Bebo, Nery and Baldi. A killer squad! They did really well too and made it through to top 16 I believe. After our prelim battle, for our first round of the battles, we battled Street Scientists next. Their squad was Gravity (Dynamic Rockers, 5crew Dynasty), Morris and Dereleek (both Street Scientists). We had a tough battle but managed to beat them and made it past them! Our quarter final battle was up against Ready To Rock, which consisted of Floor Phantom, Vix, and one other guy (forgot your name dude, sorry). We beat RTR and were going to move on up! At this point, the jam was really long and was taking forever. Eventually the venue owner kicked everyone out because we were staying past the original designated time for the event. So BBoyWorld staff decided to continue it on Sunday.

Domkey intended to stay just for Friday for the 3v3 so he didn’t bring any extra clothes to stay over night in NYC. So we drove 2 hours back into Philly to crash at his house again and so he could get some clothes.

Day 2 of 3:

Saturday arrives and the rest of the MurderlanD (MD) gang show up for the crew battle prelims. Zam, Abe, Deon, Kevin, Johnny, and I were the squad for MurderlanD. We battled against Air Real Crew from Japan. They were reeeaaalllly good hahahaha. Everyone in MD did really great, showing good energy and appearing confident, however, everyone wasn’t able to stick their ending freezes properly. ACK! They all had a good experience though and everyone had a fun time battling at a huge international event like Evolution. Hopefully this trip made them hungrier and inspired them to train harder. My students from Words, Beats and Life showed up as well. Krisha, Jamilla and Olivia (all b-girls) along with WBL staff members Lauren and Julia. After day 2 of the event, we grabbed some food to go and took it with us to Zam’s hotel room at Best Western. There was twelve of us in ONE room. We kept getting phone calls from the lobby asking us to be quiet. We almost got kicked out haha. So to stay quiet and maintain order in the room, we decided to play Pictionary haha. Who would have thought that it would be so difficult to draw out the word “Procreation.” We heard so many funny comments, responses and questions that whole night haha. It was a fun night. Lauren, Julia, Krisha, Jamilla, and Olivia eventually leave to take a very very late bus back into DC. The rest of us pass out to prepare for a new day.

Day 3 of 3:

So they continue the 3v3 battles and our Semi-Final battle was against Supreme Beings (Jiggz, Ken Fury, Frankie). It was a good battle and they definitely gave a good fight. We ultimately edged over them by a little bit and won that battle. About a million hours later, (this day was sooo long and dragged out, ugh) they announced the finals for the 3v3. We were going to battle Underground Flow from California. I don’t know them too well. I only recognized VillN from their squad. I was really hungry at this point and my man Pete Nasty from RepStyles Crew offered me an apple! That satiated my hunger for a little bit and gave me some energy! Thanky Pete! The finals was a good battle, but we seemed to be a little more energetic than Underground Flow were overall in general. We got two out of three votes from the judges. We won the 3v3 battles! WOO! What did we win you ask?!?!?! Plane tickets! to… battle… all over again… for the real prize… But we’re going to Denmark for free! Even better and cooler news is, Isaiah is finally going to go overseas to dance! He was so excited! Kevin seemed to be more excited than Isaiah was though about us winning hahaha.

We drove back home afterward because we all had either school or work the very next day ahah. This trip was awesome…

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