Day 1 in Germany

So the flight to Munich and then to Hannover was relatively quick. Listened to some ill 9th Wonder tunes thanks to my good friend Bat, who let me dig through his external hard drive for some music the night before I left. By the way, the movie 500 Days of Summer was awesome. Saw it on the plane ride over here… Really dope movie.

So after I landed I checked into my hotel room. It’s a place called Hotel Alpha. It’s privately owned by a family. It looks so fancy hahahaha. Each room is slightly different and mine happens to have a giant queen size bed for me. Everyone else’s room has a small ass twin bed hahahaha lucky me.

After checking into the room, I took a quick power nap and then headed off to Storm’s workshop. It wasn’t really an open-to-everyone workshop. He had to work with 5 specific other individuals and come up with a 5 minute choreo within 3 days (3 hours each day) to perform at the end of BOTY. An interesting project indeed. His experience with shows and all forms of hip-hop dancing definitely showed. He came up with half the show within 30 minutes and then they already started doing the entire half of the show nearly perfectly on point. It was amazing to see him work so quickly. As he was choreographing, he was teaching history of each move as well. Very wide and extensive knowledge of each dance form and it’s culture. He’s a master indeed.

After the workshop, we sessioned for a bit then went out to eat some spaghetti….. Then I had some delicious German Beer. mmmmm hmmm!

That’s about it folks! It’s a new day here and I just finished eating Breakfast. Now someone is gonna take me to go sight seeing and shopping.


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